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Room With A View Framed Mini

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Room with a View was shot onboard the Brixham Beam-Scalloper, Emily Rose BM28 (now renamed Pamela Jill) during my first week at sea back in July 2015.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with the sea. Growing up in the Midlands, my only real association with the deep blue were yearly holidays in Anglesea or scaring myself silly with the film Jaws. I was always amazed by the huge and ever changing expanse, to a little kid with bad eye sight, it just seemed as if the horizon line would on forever and ever. In my childhood head, it was if I was surrounded by three worlds; one above the waves, one below, and the land I was viewing this all from.

Skip thirty odd years later and thanks to Lowestoft skipper Arthur Dewhirst, I found myself onboard the 24 metre trawler, Emily Rose. My first week out there felt so surreal; the continual rocking motion that burned calories from just maintaining balance to the 360 degree view of sea and sky, with no land in sight for miles and hours.

The first few days I was somewhat of a mess, throwing up multiple times each morning. I wasn't sure why this was the case; perhaps it was just nerves, maybe a rush of adrenaline or a freak combination of the two. I always assumed (at least hoped) I had pretty good sea legs, given the many day boats I had been on during years prior, yet I had never suffered like this. I honestly thought my Life at Sea study was over before it had even started.

As I tried to compose myself, I photographed this shot, as the crew carried on as if nothing was any different from their last haul, sorting through the variety of fish and crustaceans, rocks, stone and sand, all for that perfect sized Scallop prize. Thankfully by midweek, I began feeling fine and by early 2017, with over two months at sea under my belt, I'd like to say I am somewhat better out there than I was that day.

The image, measuring 8 inches in width, was produced by professional printer, Robin Hubbard and his fantastic team over at Graphique Media Solutions in Roche, Cornwall. After looking at a variety of paper types, I settled on Bockingford traditional artist paper; with its beautiful water coloured look and textured rippled feel, I felt the photograph really came alive. Following a series of discussions with the talented Graham Blight at Armada Framing in Plymouth, the print was mounted and set firmly in place, raised upon a sleek white 11.5 x 8 inch frame. Each image is signed and numbered on the back of the frame.

Having seen much of my work in Kaya Gallery displayed as a large canvas print, I am really pleased to create something a little different, with this first in a series of Framed Mini's. I love the unique look and feel; despite only being 8 inches across the longest side, the detail is captured so crisply, while the Bockingford paper radiates under any given light source, inviting the viewer ever closer for a wonderful intimate look at a working life at sea.

With every sale I will be donating £5 to the Fishermen's Mission.

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