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The Long Road Home Framed Mini

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The Long Road Home was shot in September 2012, as I headed towards Tsavo West, one of the oldest and largest National Parks in Kenya. 

After countless hours of dirt tracks, many as straight and far as the eye could see, suddenly, perhaps only 20 metres or so ahead, a young juvenile Giraffe leaped from the thick brush and stopped in the middle of the road.

As I looked on, my breath held for fear of making any noise, the Giraffe took an interest in the fence to the left.  Recently this had been constructed ready for a Masai Mara tribe to been relocated, after one of the large mining companies out here had struck gold with a wealthy pocket of gas.  

The young Giraffe slowly moved towards the fence and bowed its neck to inspect further, sniffing the air surrounding this new addition to the landscape.  Suddenly the Giraffe flinched, raising its head and quickly jolting backwards. I could only assume it had detected live currents darting through the wire just inches from its nose and panic set it; an electrified fence running for miles, built to deter large predators and there to keep the newly rehoused tribe safe from harm.

The Giraffe took a moment to regain its composure, standing tall and eloquent before turning its head to the side; an almost backward over the shoulder glance towards me. It was then when I took the shot. Seconds later it galloped off down the track like some awkward ballerina, legs gracefully clumsy as it headed back into the brush. It was a beautiful moment to share and one that will never forget.

The image, measuring 8 inches in height, was once again produced by professional printer, Robin Hubbard and his fantastic team over at Graphique Media Solutions in Roche, Cornwall, using the wonderful water coloured look of Bockingford traditional artist paper. The ever talented Graham Blight at Armada Framing in Plymouth added the finishing touches, mounting and raising the print within a sleek white 8.5 x 11 inch frame. Each image is signed and numbered on the back.

I find The Long Road Home works lovely as a Framed Mini and it is an image I often question in terms of the various scales on show; the subject within the environment, the distance and the depth, not to mention the rich zesty orange and browns on display. 

With the sharp capture from the original image intact, along with a fine textured clarity added from the Bockingford paper type, it is an image that truly invites the viewer closer, showcasing an almost surreal and intimate look at man's impact on the animal kingdom in one of the world's most beautiful and striking destinations.

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