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Thirsty Three Framed Mini

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Thirsty Three was shot in September 2012, as I headed towards Tsavo West, one of the oldest and largest National Parks in Kenya.

For many hours in the baking heat of midday, I watched on as this large watering hole was filled with what must have been hundreds of Zebra.  Just as a group had their fill and left, another group quickly appeared in their place.  A pair of Warthogs were having the time on their life in a muddy corner, while a few long legged cranes scattered about seemed to act as early warning sentries.  It was an incredible sight to see; one somewhat more incredible when I think that this other world continues on while I have my feet up at home with a cup of tea.

I did wonder if I would ever catch a break.  My hope of just a few subjects in frame with an incredible backdrop on display seemed a feat in itself, as let’s be honest, nature rarely sits still for anyone.  Yet as I approached the three hour mark, the weight of my 500mm lens beginning to work muscles I never knew existed, the herd appeared to thin.  Many made their way under distant trees and brush, escaping into the shade before their next long and dangerous journey would begin.  And I was left with three.

The trio remained with their heads down, lapping up the cool water for just a minute, but it was more than long enough to get the shot I wanted.  A delicate soft and overcast sky above created a wonderful symmetry with the watering hole below, while a sense of astounding distance was incredibly realised.  Colours continued their trend of being rich and overly saturated, certainly to the point where they almost didn’t seem real.  But then that was Kenya in a nut shell.  

The image, measuring 8 inches in height, was once again produced by professional printer, Robin Hubbard and his fantastic team over at Graphique Media Solutions in Roche, Cornwall, using the wonder water coloured look of Bockingford traditional artist paper. The ever talented Graham Blight at Armada Framing in Plymouth added the finishing touches, mounting and raising the print within a sleek white 8.5 x 11 inch frame. Each image is signed and numbered on the back.

Thirsty three represents one of my favourite memories of being in Kenya.  As an image it also reinforces the idea that persistence and patience is everything when it comes to being a photographer.  It is very easy to turn away from a scene, instead of remaining to watch it unfold, though I imagine the sheer brilliance and majesty of Kenya perhaps helped with my decision making.  Truth be told, I would have happily remained in that very spot for the rest of my days.

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