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Love My Girls Fridge Magnet

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This is Deirdre. She was such a timid little lady. I always wondered how she ever got though those early years, in a place and conditions I would never wish on anyone. When she arrived at her new home, she was so fragile, unkempt and afraid; It took her such a long time to settle with us in her new yet always safe surroundings.

The next few years must have been pretty magical for her; mud baths, water on tap, daily treats of grapes, sweetcorn, cheese, lettuce, pasta and more; she really came out of her shell. I always hoped that Deirdre and the rest of the flock knew they never had to want or need anything again, that we were never going to take any of this away from them.

We lost Deirdre back in November 2015. With each and every passing, it does seem to get that little bit harder to accept, yet she did have such a wonderful two years with us and this is something we have to focus on; like all those that came before her, as well as those after, she will never be forgotten.

Since 2010, me and my mum have looked after ex-Battery Hens. Never did I think such a little creature could have such a huge impact on my life, yet these wonderful birds have seamlessly done just that. We can only do so much for a few, and I really wanted to give something back to help the many beautiful madams out there, and in particular, the British Hen Welfare Trust, who do such a fantastic job in promoting awareness and rehoming these girls.

After many weeks of Photoshop and InDesign, I finally settled on a font style and a look I was completely happy with. The fridge magnet itself is 90mm x 60mm, with the image produced at the Print Lab within Plymouth College of Art, the institute where I graduated from in 2014, completing a BA (Hons) in Photography. I continue to use their facilities for many of my gallery/exhibition prints and the quality is second to none.

With every sale I will be donating £1 to the British Hen Welfare Trust

So far, £55 has been donated to the BHWT. 

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