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Rescue Besties Fridge Magnet

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This is Dolly (left, background) and Daisy, two from a trio of ex-Battery Hens along with Dixie that became the very first flock to live with us, beginning what has been an incredible decade plus - at times heartbreaking - journey with rescue chickens, all thanks to the wonderful British Hen Welfare Trust organisation. 

I’ll admit, weeks leading up to welcoming our new guests, I didn’t really care too much either way. This was more my mum’s decision, after her sister had begun looking after ex-bats. To be honest I just wanted a dog, yet the days that followed, watching these little madams walk upon grass for the very first time, their pale heads twitching to strange sounds all around, only later to discover a day/night cycle that came with their very own straw filled Omelet home, replacing 24/7 factory lighting, with plenty of space to stretch those almost featherless wings to boot, it was pretty much love from then on for these little madams.    

We lost Dixie after around six months later, a crushing first experience of loss and one that has continued with each and every passing. Dolly and Daisy were then inseparable for the next year together, never further than a few feet from one another and they lived a lovely safe and happy life upon our garden, though more often than not, our kitchen, where they wandered freely in and out, especially when there was the possibility of treats to be had. On the day Dolly sadly passed away. Daisy honestly looked so sad, as if she was truly aware of loss, though thankfully there was another release days later and she soon became a wonderful mother and boss hen to the next batch of unfeathered frightened madams.

Just like my previous chicken fridge magnet (Love my Girls), I spent many weeks on Photoshop designing a style and a look I was happy with, only for InDesign to really test me (and my patience!) when it came to creating the finished print. The fridge magnet itself is 90mm x 60mm, with the image produced at the Print Lab within Plymouth College of Art, the institute where I graduated from in 2014, completing a BA (Hons) in Photography. I continue to use their facilities for many of my gallery/exhibition prints and the quality remains second to none.

£1 will be donated to the British Hen Welfare Trust with every sale.

So far, £55 has been donated to the BHWT. 

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