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'Valentines Exclusive' You and Me Forever Fridge Magnet

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This image, titled Simply Cute, was shot just after my first year of owning and using a Digital SLR, as I began building a portfolio that I hoped would allow me to study this medium and take this practise further. 

In April 2010, during a lovely sunny afternoon at Mount Edgecomb in Plymouth, surrounded by a picturesque and peaceful lake, these two beautiful little baby goslings really caught my eye. As expected, their parents were close by in the form of two very proud Canadian Geese, though with a 300 mm lens on hand, I managed to avoid disturbing the family. These little babies looked so perfectly happy snoozing away together. The one on the right stretched out a webbed foot, just as an eye slightly opened; a second later closed through some contented tiredness. 

Years on I still wonder how these two are doing. There is a part of me that hoped they just remained forever tiny, still snuggled up close to one another without a worry in the world. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, I always imagined they would have been best friends for life. 

The fridge magnet measures 90mm x 60mm, with the image produced using Photoshop and InDesign, before being printed at the Print Lab within Plymouth College of Art, the institute from where I graduated in 2014, after completing a BA (Hons) in Photography. I continue to use their facilities for many of my high end gallery/exhibition prints and the quality is second to none.

With every sale I will be donating £1 to the Devon Wildlife Trust

So far, £1 has been donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust. 

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